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From adapting to technological advances and economic changes, to retaining customers, recruiting top talent, and finding ways of growing their business, CEOs have a lot of issues to handle. Some of the many things that they need to do on a daily basis include handling tons of emails, maintaining communication with employees, synchronizing with their schedule, manage teams, handling remote employees, traveling, etc. The way in which CEOs overcome these challenges might just make or break their businesses.

In this sense, finding the right tools that can make their lives easier while streamlining the processes, is a very important step. Here are seven things that CEOs can do with a web collaboration tool:

Work anywhere

It may sound like mission impossible for many CEOs. Not if you have the right tool at hand. Once you’ve found a web collaboration tool that doesn’t require any installation and is easy to use by all company employees, you’ll be empowered to complete tasks and attend meetings in the location that works best for you.

Better manage virtual teams

Nowadays, communication and web collaboration tools have proven to be extremely helpful when managing distributed workforces scattered all over. They not only allow CEOs to delegate activities but also manage employees by staying in permanent contact regardless of where they are. Furthermore, team members can access information and work together with others all in a single place without the need to physically be in the same room.

Increase productivity

Getting a group of people together for an in-person meeting can be very difficult, not to mention the time wasted with getting to the meeting, waiting for the rest to show up, going back to your desk, etc. On the other hand, using a "find a date" tool to easily find a time when all your meeting participants are available, can make things completely different. When everyone is able to easily schedule their meetings and join them from their desks, they feel comfortable and have all the necessary resources to get things done. Most importantly, at the end of the meeting everyone can return to their original tasks, which makes the process of mental switching between activities less time-consuming.

Aiming for Inbox 0

In order to avoid becoming a slave to your inbox by using it as a sole medium of communication with your employees and constantly get interrupted during day-to-day tasks to make sure you aren’t missing anything, try using a web collaboration tool that has real-time text chat functionalities. This will help you and your employees avoid the email trap while allowing you to focus on the task at hand.

Reduce company traveling costs by eliminating geographical barriers

One of the main goals for CEOs is making the company profitable and grow. That is why it’s extremely important to find ways of keeping the overall cost under control. With CEOs, founders and sales representatives needing to be in several places at the same time, traveling eats up a lot of the company’s financial resources. Therefore, there is always pressure to reduce cost by diminishing the allocated traveling budget. The good news is that these people can still overcome geographical barriers and keep costs to a minimum by using a web collaboration tool that allows them to be in permanent contact with both the company as well as the clients.


Image Source: Pixabay

Handle Remote Employees

Although you may think that this could also be done via telephone, the truth is that web conferencing is in many ways different from web collaboration. Virtual meeting rooms simply make meetings much more interactive and efficient as compared to ordinary telephone conference. Through a web collaboration tool, you have access to a number of features including access to a whiteboard, the possibility to share supporting documents and display live slideshows, etc. This is one of the reasons why, by using web collaboration tools, employees can work from home, a practice that is rising in popularity. With one simple, secure login, an employee can attend meetings just as effectively as if she/he were there in person. As a result, your employees are happier which in turn leads to increased productivity levels.

Keep up with Innovation

Via web collaboration tools, CEOs can organise and attend events (meetings or discussions) on latest industry trends and developments, without the need to travel thousands of kilometers and spend large amounts of money to access key insights.

If you are a CEO in search for a web collaboration tool, make sure you choose one that allows you to:

  • View Your Calendar
  • Schedule Your Meeting Easily
  • Set Your Meeting Agenda
  • Perform both Voice and Video Conferencing
  • Display Live Slideshows
  • Share Your Screen
  • Access a Whiteboard
  • Share Supporting Documents
  • Engage with Real-Time Text Chat