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Your customers trust your brand. Why not also have it in your video meetings?

Showcase your professional side during video conferences and amplify the power of your brand.

Hosted in Switzerland or in your trusted data center, you don’t have to worry about data privacy issues. We never share your data.

Video meetings are a crucial part of business communication, why not have your brand be a part of it?

Your brand is present on every invoice you send, every presentation you give. Your company name is in your web and email address, on your letterhead and your business card. Yet, only for video conferences, you're using third-party tools that don't do your brand justice.

Take the next logical step and present yourself professionally in video conferences too. Veeting Corporate brings your brand to life and makes video meetings a seamless extension of your corporate identity.

Branding for Video Conferencing

Give your customers a seamless experience with your own brand and complete domain name.

Maintain your organization’s image and reputation for service quality & customer satisfaction, showcase your professional side.

Your Brand and Domain Name

We re-brand our video conferencing solution completely with your logo, colors, and domain name. Our company is not mentioned anywhere on the platform.

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Key Differentiators

Customer Service

Every business has its unique requirements and use cases. That’s why we work with you to build on our core product to match your needs.

We are a team of industry experts with a long history in real-time communication and integration projects. Every feature we add has proven authentic demand. Partner with us to jump-start your digitalization journey.


Security, flexibility, and timely goto-market are not mutually exclusive requirements. Veeting Corporate satisfies your IT and legal departments and lets you do business without any hassle.

Active Directory integration, Two Factor Authentication and Meeting Authorization Services protect meetings from unwelcome guests. Complete in-transit encryption and private cloud setups ensure that your data is secure.

Data Privacy

Veeting hosts its services exclusively on servers located in Switzerland. We sign data processing agreements with you to make sure that you are GDPR compliant.

Make use of our on-premises and hybrid private cloud offerings if you prefer to host our solution in your own data center. A Veeting Rooms setup is a closed system and does not depend on third-party services.

Collaboration Highlights

Consistent Branding

We put your face on our solution. We use your logo and brand colors to make the platform consistent with your existing product suite.

Our brand Veeting is not visible at all.

On Your Own Website

Give your customers a seamless experience with your own domain name.

Personalize your video conferencing platform with your own brand items, settings and email account for outgoing messages.

High Quality Video Conferencing

Up to 30 participants in many-to-many meetings, up to 250 participants in webinars.

Dark mode for impressive video quality

Some customers prefer a darker screen, enable them to consume meetings the way they like it.

Brainstorm on the Whiteboard

Use the whiteboard to brainstorm with meeting participants. Draw freehand or use predefined shapes to bring your thoughts into a visual document.

All slides can be downloaded as a PDF for your records.

Share Your Screen

Share your entire screen or just an application window with meeting attendees.

Participants can switch to full screen and follow your cursor while enjoying excellent quality.

Virtual Video Projector

Industry-leading collaboration features right at your fingertips. Share and work together as if you were in the same physical meeting room.

Meeting Minutes

Take notes while the meeting progresses. Decisions and tasks are agreed upon right away.

The system automatically sends you a meeting summary email at the end of the meeting.

Different Meeting Room Layouts

Our advanced meeting room layout puts collaboration front and center, allowing participants to focus 100% on the content.

Dynamic Video Layout

Dynamic video layouts and a multi-functional TV mode make meetings fun and effective.

TV Mode for Live Streaming

Online and hybrid events have different requirements than webinars. Stream your webcast with OBS or our cloud encoding engine to your streaming service.

Configure Your Meeting Experience

Not all features are always required. Configure your room with exactly those features you require and hide the rest.

Tightly control who's in charge during your meetings with the extensive Meeting Permissions.

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Customers and Partners Talk About Us


We appreciate Veeting Corporate for several reasons:

- The product works absolutely reliably.
- The server is located in Switzerland, not in the USA, and there is no connection to the USA as seen in your competitors' products.
- Since we have very high data privacy standards, we chose Veeting Corporate.
- The price-to-performance ratio is excellent.

SFRockon Digital Evolution

It is fun, it is different, it helps our brand!

TKAlexianer GmbH, Health Care

Veeting “Off the Record” is extremely useful for tumor conferences. We couldn't find a secure system for our conferences for a long time.

CFxtendx AG, Enterprise Video

With Veeting, we have found a reliable partner for webinars and breakout sessions that also meets our high data protection and data privacy requirements. The Veeting Rooms solution can be easily integrated into our products and software solutions of our partner, their white labelling options are impressive.

NADHL, Supply Chain

We were looking at a solution that allowed us to support a workshop style online where we could have access to multiple virtual rooms at the same time. Veeting offered this feature and was therefore our selected go-to-solution. We greatly appreciate the customer service as they instantly reacted to all of our requests and helped us in delivering a successful online event.

CBKnecht Reisen, Travel Agency

We have been using Veeting since the beginning of 2019 for large meetings and especially for our new event format 'virtual customer evenings'. We especially appreciate the easy access to participation even for technically non-experienced customers and interested parties. The roll-out went smoothly and in case of questions we could always rely on the support by Veeting.

SCGSwiss Financial Institution

With the Veeting Rooms solution we are be able to expand in Switzerland and into other countries much faster than building branches on the ground.


With Veeting Rooms we can offer our customers and travel prospects personal online advice and present new products in online events. This enables us to maintain constant contact with our customers and keep them up to date interactively.

MWGesundheitsholding Lüneburg

Innovative. Fast responses. Reliable. Veeting is a good and easy-to-understand solution for video conferences and webinars.

TCDSwiss, Securesafe

Web meetings are in important element in our sales process. We were looking for excellent customer service, data security and an always up to date solution. Veeting Rooms provides all of this.

We Partner With You

We Are Experienced

Veeting was founded in 2014 with a singular vision: Enabling every company to have its own branded virtual meeting rooms and enjoy authentic face-to-face communication and stress-free collaboration.

We are Experts

As early adopters of WebRTC, our team has built a video conferencing and web collaboration platform to the standards that provide the highest quality experience for users.

We are Global

Today, the Veeting platform supports virtual co-working, customer relationships, doctor-patients calls and remote collaboration around the world. We are committed to providing reliable software solutions as simply as possible with as many features as required.

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