Veeting Rooms 6.11.3 – March 2023

Veeting Blocks

Please refer to the Veeting Blocks website for more information.

Meeting Room

External Whiteboard

Not everyone has a touch screen laptop and drawing with the mouse is not always easy. That’s why we are introducing the External Whiteboard, a seamless way to open the whiteboard on a secondary tablet to bridge between devices.

A button on the whiteboard opens a QR code that users can scan with their tablet to open the whiteboard there, making it super easy to free-hand draw.


Account-Level API Keys

We are introducing account-level API keys to allow all customers integrating the web meeting platform through APIs. Previously, API keys were only available for admins of white label instances. Now, each account can create API keys to manage its own meetings. By default, these Account Level API keys are disabled for white label instances. Reselling partners can enable this feature under "System Configuration" in the reseller portal.

API keys are only displayed once, they cannot be recovered. If you lose an API key you must delete it from the backend and generate a new one. There is no limit on the number of API keys you can generate.