White Label Web Conferencing – WebRTC Collaboration

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Veeting’s White Labeling

Veeting’s white label videoconferencing and web collaboration program is an industry first, and it’s gaining traction worldwide. Put your face on our WebRTC solution with one of our popular programs.

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Speed Branding

Our interface can be quickly customized to display your logo and company colors in the Veeting platform.

Your brand takes center stage in client interactions, enhancing their experience and boosting your credibility as a professional organization with a modern approach to communication.

Full Rebranding

We are pleased to be the silent partner for your videoconferencing and web collaboration needs. Our fully white labelled solution is ideal for telecom resellers, software VARs, and brand-conscious enterprise organizations.

From the meeting URL to the fine print, participants will see only your branding when they use our platform. Pricing starts from CHF 1'500.00 / EUR 1'350.00 per year.

Create Your White Label Now!

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Infinite White Label

As a reseller, you want to white label Veeting - and so do some of your business customers.

We make it easy to rebrand our video conferencing platform for each customer, giving you an additional selling point.

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videoconferencing option is right
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