A Meeting Type for Every Use Case

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A Veeting Room
for Every Occasion

For Businesses Everywhere

This popular option is designed for everyday business videoconferencing.

  • Hosts up to 5 participants
  • All features included
  • Audio and video delivered Peer-to-Peer between end user devices.
  • Supporting documents are emailed to participants at the conclusion of the meeting.
Team Collaboration
Business Meeting

For Maximum Privacy

This specialized option leverages Peer-to-Peer technology to run secure, end-to-end encrypted meetings.

  • Host up to 5 participants
  • Additional privacy for sensitive conversations
  • Data shared directly between browsers
  • End-to-end encryption.

Since no records are generated, this type of meeting does not include emailed summaries for participants, the summary is available for download during the meeting.

Attorney / Client Communication
Intellectual Property
Healthcare Information
Proprietary Business Strategy

For Bigger Meetings

Need to include more perspectives in your meeting? Larger groups can leverage the power of the Veeting Boardroom.

  • Hosts up to 30 participants with video, or 30 participants with only audio
  • Audio and video so everyone can be seen and heard
  • Can record meetings to comply with documentation requirements and for later analysis
  • Integrates with landline telephone systems for users without internet access
Formal meetings
Annual or Quarterly Reviews
Planning Sessions
Complex Projects

Supporting Greater Impact

The one-to-many configuration of the Veeting Webinar allows one or more presenters to share information with dozens of audience members in a live, virtual setting.

  • Hosts up to 100 attendees
  • Full feature set whiteboard, screen sharing, document upload, etc.
  • Non-presenting attendees can ask questions via chat or request permission to share their video feed
  • Summary automatically distributed post-webinar to reinforce what was learned
Educational Webinars
Training Events
Media Presentations
Large-Scale Outreach


Available for all account
Server location Switzerland
Audio and video encryptionEnd-to-EndEnd-to-EndPoint-to-PointPoint-to-Point
Encryption of documents, chat, etcPoint-to-PointEnd-to-EndPoint-to-PointPoint-to-Point
Optional recordingNoNoYesYes
Optional dial-inNoNoYesYes
Maximum number of participants553050

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