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Veeting was founded in 2014 with a singular vision: Seeing every company have its own virtual meeting rooms to enjoy face-to-face communication with less need for travel.

As early adopters of WebRTC, our team has built a videoconferencing and web collaboration platform on the standards that provide the highest quality experience for users. Through the years, we have been privileged to collaborate with open source experts, software integrators, and enterprise organizations to develop novel use cases and best-in-class solutions across a wide range of sectors.

Today, the Veeting platform supports virtual co-working and remote collaboration around the world.

What’s New for Veeting?

With the increased interest in our white label partner program, our software works behind the scenes to power a telecom reseller program that is unique in the industry


At Veeting, we are committed to providing reliable software solutions that allow customers and partners to create and brand their own virtual meeting rooms as simply as possible with as many features as required.

Fabian Bernhard
Founder and CEO

Voice and video communication is the third revolution after email and the web. Since 2000 I have been at the forefront of this evolution and have been involved in the development of VoIP, SIP and WebRTC services. At Veeting, we take it a step further by combining excellent voice and video communication with interactive human-to-human collaboration.

Aymeric Moizard
Technology Lead

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