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Not long ago, video conferencing and virtual meetings were only available to enterprise-class organizations that could invest in expensive infrastructure and technology. Today, these services are available for businesses of all sizes.

However, such solutions often have poor quality, limited features, or too much extra software to install. Smaller businesses are frequently stuck using tools that are intended for social rather than professional interactions. Cloud-based services in particular pose a substantial risk to data privacy. With its focus on business use, this solution is free from any social networking features such as contacts lists or profiles that can open users to unwanted interactions.

This virtual meeting environment is solely browser based without any extra software or plugin installation needed. This makes it simple and affordable to use.

About Veeting AG

Founded in 2008, Veeting AG (formerly Robera GmbH) focuses on creating high value, user-friendly software solutions that meet the needs of modern businesses. Veeting Ltd has a strong background in the banking and telecommunication industry and has for years designed and developed reliable and robust SIP voice and video clients for a leading Unified Communcation solutions provider. Veeting Rooms is Veeting's first enterprise-strength Software as a Service (SaaS) offering for web based conferencing and collaboration. This Swiss-based solution fills a worldwide need for simpler and trusted virtual meetings that ensure data confidentiality.


Fabian Bernhard

Fabian Bernhard CEO

Fabian is enthusiastic about creating great business solutions that work. Communication is one of the core needs of all human beings and one of the primary pillars for conducting business. His vision is to make Veeting Rooms the global brand for secure, reliable, usable and simple virtual meetings.

Rolf Kuster

Rolf Kuster CTO

Rolf is a proven Unified Communications expert with many years successfully developing, testing and certifying UC clients for all major PBX systems. He is part of a global network of telecommunications professionals and decision makers.

Board of Directors

Philip Rauh

Philip Rauh Member of the Board

Philip is the COO of a Boston based start-up specializing in quality control services and technologies for clinical trials. He has spent the majority of his career in financial services in various leadership roles for both large multinational and smaller, specialized boutique players. He has a large network of venture investors in the Boston area.


Hal Philipp

Hal Philipp Member of the Board

Hal founded Quantum Research Group Ltd (UK), exited to Atmel Inc in 2008 for $130M. Founded Meridian Growth Capital LLP (UK) with co-founder Darren Thompson, an angel investment firm, 2009. Joined Redalpine Capital, Zurich, 2012 as advisor and LP.

Stefano Lindt

Stefano Lindt Advisor

Stefano is a software executive in Silicon Valley, with a career record of success in marketing, product marketing and strategy. He is an innovation expert with proven success in product positioning, go-to-market strategy and selling concepts. He has a large network of entrepreneurs in the Silicon Valley.


HIPAA Compliance

Although HIPAA compliance per se is applicable only to entities covered by HIPAA regulations (e.g., healthcare organizations), the technical security controls employed in the Veeting Rooms service meet or exceed HIPAA technical standards.
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