Veeting Rooms

Veeting Rooms is the preferred collaboration solution for small to medium-sized enterprises.

With its all-in-one video conferencing features, businesses experience seamless web collaboration without sacrificing data privacy.

Veeting Rooms offers a comprehensive, GDPR compliant video conferencing experience that streamlines web collaboration and puts privacy first. With Veeting Rooms, businesses communicate with confidence, knowing that their sensitive information is protected.

The web collaboration solution combines ease of use with rich features such as whiteboarding, meeting minutes, and a meeting summary at the end of each meeting.

Highly appreciated by SMEs for its combination of privacy and productivity, Veeting Rooms is the ultimate collaboration solution for businesses of all sizes.

Collaboration and Conferencing

Experience the perfect combination of privacy and productivity with Veeting Rooms, the richest conferencing solution since 2014.

No Apps to Install

Veeting Rooms runs directly in all desktop and mobile web browsers, you don't need to install an app.

Meeting attendees click on a link in their calendar and are right at the door of your meeting room.

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Key Differentiators

All-in-One Collaboration

Veeting Rooms offers a comprehensive collaboration experience with a range of tightly integrated tools to make your meetings productive and engaging.

The whiteboard, screen sharing, shared text editor for minutes, polls for webinars, and text chat enrich the otherwise often tiresome pure video experiences.

Effective Meetings

Veeting Rooms is designed to keep meetings productive and engaging.

At the end of each meeting, you'll receive an automated meeting summary email that captures all the information shared during the call. This summary serves as a useful aid, ensuring nothing is missed or forgotten.

Data Privacy

Veeting hosts its Veeting Rooms service exclusively on servers located in Switzerland. We sign data processing agreements with you to make sure that you are GDPR compliant.

Collaboration Highlights

High Quality Video Conferencing

Up to 30 participants in many-to-many meetings, up to 250 participants in webinars.

Dark mode for impressive video quality

Some customers prefer a darker screen, enable them to consume meetings the way they like it.

Brainstorm on the Whiteboard

Use the whiteboard to brainstorm with meeting participants. Draw freehand or use predefined shapes to bring your thoughts into a visual document.

All slides can be downloaded as a PDF for your records.

Share Your Screen

Share your entire screen or just an application window with meeting attendees.

Participants can switch to full screen and follow your cursor while enjoying excellent quality.

Virtual Video Projector

Industry-leading collaboration features right at your fingertips. Share and work together as if you were in the same physical meeting room.

Meeting Minutes

Take notes while the meeting progresses. Decisions and tasks are agreed upon right away.

The system automatically sends you a meeting summary email at the end of the meeting.

Different Meeting Room Layouts

Our advanced meeting room layout puts collaboration front and center, allowing participants to focus 100% on the content.

Dynamic Video Layout

Dynamic video layouts and a multi-functional TV mode make meetings fun and effective.

TV Mode for Live Streaming

Online and hybrid events have different requirements than webinars. Stream your webcast with OBS or our cloud encoding engine to your streaming service.

Configure Your Meeting Experience

Not all features are always required. Configure your room with exactly those features you require and hide the rest.

Tightly control who's in charge during your meetings with the extensive Meeting Permissions.

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Customers and Partners Talk About Us

VKInto Sana, Hospital

We have chosen Veeting as a platform for remote consultations for our clients and almost 1000 doctors in our clinics. Thanks to the excellent support, we set up the telemedicine process and integrated it with our medical information system. The key advantages were also the ease of use of the service, and no need to install applications for both patients and doctors.

TGPonteNet, Physicians' network

With Veeting, we have found a dynamic Swiss video conferencing provider that takes our requirements regarding data protection as seriously as we do ourselves. With PonteMeet, we can provide our approximately 1,000 connected physicians with a stable, secure and easy-to-use platform that can be integrated into other systems via API. We are now even more excited to expand our webinar offering and handle it with Veeting.

SRMohrbooks AG Literary Agency

Veeting is an integral part of the communication strategy for our company and has proven itself in all our internal and external conferences. It's a great tool. We really appreciate the diverse features, especially the ease of use and the of the user interface. Even external users who come to the platform for the first time are enthusiastic. The support is great, we are completely satisfied with the solution.

HPSPsychological Practice Krefeld

Reliable, reputable, without a lot of frills, easy to use for me and my patients.

MMHelbling Reisen, Travel Agency

In times when social distancing is mandatory, personal customer meetings and professional sales talks become a challenge. With Veeting, Helbling Reisen's travel experts overcome this physical distance and maintain the close customer relationship they are used to.


I just started using Veeting's virtual meeting room service. Its several generations ahead of WebEx and at least one generation ahead of Zoom and GoToMeeting.

Pricing models

Pay per Meeting

Pay per Meeting is for infrequent video conference users. Purchase a credit of meetings and use them as you need. Each meeting can last up to 24 hours. When your meeting credit is used up, simply top-up your account to get more meetings.

Pay per Room

Get 24/7 access to your virtual meeting rooms with our Pay per Room option. Rent one or multiple rooms for your company and make them available to your colleagues and team members. The meeting rooms are yours, you can schedule as many meetings as you need for as long as they last.

Unlimited Meeting Hosts

Whether you choose Pay per Meeting or Pay per Room, you can add as many team members to your account as you need. The person who schedules the meeting will automatically become the host, and we won't charge you any additional fees for that.

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