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Addressing On-Demand Webinar Challenges

Webinars play a crucial role in contemporary business communication. However, transitioning from live to on-demand often exposes imperfections from the original event. Unlike live sessions, where imperfections are overlooked, the on-demand versions demand a higher level of professionalism.

We collaborated with xtendx, an enterprise video company, to create simplex Webinar, powered by Veeting Rooms technology, and integrated it into their on-demand product ecosystem. As a result, webinar recordings produced with simplex are markedly more professional and significantly enrich the on-demand webinar experience.

Live Webinar

Enhancing Visual Appeal of Webinar Recordings

Our solution diverges from conventional screen recordings by capturing audio and video streams separately from the slide decks. Post-webinar, the video recording and the original slides are presented on a timeline within an intuitive video editor. Non-professionals can then refine the recording, address errors such as typos on slides, trim unwanted segments, and add supplementary information like chapters.

simplex Editor

Once editing is complete and the content meets quality standards, the final version can be published and made accessible to viewers.

Viewers benefit from seamless navigation through the webinar, facilitated by slide thumbnails and chapters, enabling them to revisit specific segments of interest. Additionally, they have the freedom to tailor their viewing experience by toggling between video and slide deck focus as per their preferences.

Webinars published through the simplex solutions can be further configured with advertisements, protected using SAML or one-time access keys, registration forms, and a myriad of additional enterprise features.

"Webinar recordings made available on-demand through the simplex platform offer a uniquely professional, engaging, and enduring viewing experience", says Joël Jira, Managing Director at xtendx.

Widening Accessibility

This integration is available to all Veeting customers, partners, distributors, and resellers. Every whitelabel instance can be connected with the simplex product family to enhance the webinar and on-demand experiences. For more details on leveraging these enhancements, reach out to us, or directly to xtendx, the company behind the simplex product family.

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