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Tips and Tricks

Ximena Fajardo, marketing manager of Meet With Me Now, has recently sent us
one of her most important tips and tricks for professional video conferencing. We are glad to share these valuable tips with you too:

Lighting for video conferencing

The way you set up your lights will make a big difference in the way people on the other end of your call perceive you. Remember face and body language are essential or else you might as well be making a phone call. Look at your image critically. Analyze what is the image you wish to project. Best that the camera be at the same level as your eyes so your face won´t look distorted.

Basic rules

  1. Make sure the people on your end fill up a good portion of the frame. If it’s just you, that means your face. If it’s your classroom, it means the students. You can either bring the camera closer to your subject or zoom in the lens.

  2. Make sure there is light in front of you or the people participating. Any light is better than no light yet light from the top or back can be detrimental to clarity. A good rule of thumb is to make sure there is a light no more than 45 degrees off to the side and no more than 45 degrees above eye level.

  3. A neutral background is best. Try not to have a window in back of the people in the video. A dark background makes faces appear washed out and a bright background usually makes faces appear dark. If you can´t do anything about the background then fill light in the foreground.

For the more adventerous readers we would also like to link to the faboulous article Proper lighting for WebRTC Video by Chris Koehncke. It walks you through the steps of building your own budget lights for professional video conferencing.

Contact us with your tip and tricks for professional WebRTC meetings.