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With Veeting Rooms, you'll never outgrow our platform. Whether you're hosting a small team meeting or a large webinar, our pricing model is designed to accommodate your needs.

With all collaboration features included in all tiers, you'll have everything you need to succeed in one convenient solution.

Pay per Meeting

No monthly subscription

Pay per meeting, no strings attached. Once the meeting is over we deduct one from your meeting credit.

5 meetings

CHF 25.00 / EUR 20.00

approximately USD 25.00

10 meetings

CHF 40.00 / EUR 30.00

approximately USD 40.00

20 meetings

CHF 60.00 / EUR 50.00

approximately USD 60.00

50 meetings

CHF 125.00 / EUR 100.00

approximately USD 125.00

Free Trial

Pay per Room

Easy monthly subscription

Unlimited meetings. Use your meeting room exclusively 24/7. Add more meeting rooms for concurrent meetings. Unlimited organizers.

Per Month and Room

CHF 39.00 / EUR 36.00

approximately USD 39.00

Per Year and Rom

CHF 390.00 / EUR 360.00

approximately USD 390.00

Free Trial

Veeting Corporate

Video Conferencing With Your Brand

For companies which care about their brand, including the first three meeting rooms. Custom made packages available.

Starts with a yearly subscription of

CHF 1'500.00 / EUR 1'350.00

approximately USD 1'500.00

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Pricing Models Explained

Veeting offers two pricing models to fit the needs of different types of customers. The «Pay per Room» model is ideal for those who have frequent meetings, while the «Pay per Meeting» model is perfect for those who have more sporadic meeting needs.

The «Pay per Room» charges per meeting room, not per meeting host or participant. When you sign up for an account, you can invite as many meeting hosts as you want to your account, free of charge. Each meeting room allows for one concurrent meeting at a time, which means that if you book one room, you can have one meeting taking place at any given time. If you have two rooms, you can have two concurrent meetings. This way, you can easily scale up or down at any time depending on your needs. You pay for the number of meeting rooms you need, with no restrictions on the number of meeting hosts.

Some customers may not use our services frequently enough to justify paying for a monthly subscription. That's why we offer a «Pay per Meeting» pricing model for those who only need to host meetings occasionally. With this model, you purchase a package of meeting credits, such as 5 or 10 meetings. Then, whenever you host a meeting, we will deduct one credit from your account. You only pay for the meetings you actually use, if you schedule a meeting and no one joins, we won't deduct a credit from your account. You can top up your account with additional credits as needed.

Our pricing model may seem a bit more complex than our competitors, but we believe it is fairer. Paying per meeting host can be costly, especially if you only have a few team members who schedule meetings. With our model, you only pay for what you need. Additionally, if you share meeting rooms among team members, our «Pay per Room» model can be very cost-effective. And with our «Pay per Meeting» option, infrequent users can enjoy the benefits of Veeting without having to commit to a subscription.

Feature Comparison

FunctionsPay per MeetingPay per RoomVeeting Corporate
All collaboration features included
Default number of meeting participants5 / 30 / 1005 / 30 / 1005 / 30 / 100
Maximum number of meeting participants5 / 30 / 1005 / 30 / 1005 / 50 / 500
Monthly subscription
Unlimited meeting length
Invite your meeting partners directly via Veeting Rooms
Calendar overview for easy meeting scheduling
Overview of upcoming and past meetings
Meeting data stored for as long as you need it
Video gallery view
Video background
Blurred, invisible faces
Personal logo
Email support
Phone support
YouTube integration
RTMP broadcasting
Call Quality Feedback
White label (colors, background image, complete domain name, etc)
Branded O365 integration
Custom features configuration
SAML, Shibboleth authentication
API integration

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