Veeting Launches Veeting Blocks, the Low–Code Solution for Web Collaboration and Communication

Veeting Launches Veeting Blocks, the Low-Code Solution for Web Collaboration

Zurich, March 28, 2023Veeting announces the launch of Veeting Blocks, a complete collection of collaboration and video conferencing web components for developers. Inspired by the idea of building blocks like Lego, Veeting Blocks gives developers pre-designed components to create their own unique solution. Veeting Blocks includes not only audio and video components but also web components for whiteboards, polls, meeting minutes and summaries, document sharing, screensharing, scheduling, and calendar invitations. Developers integrate these components into their applications without worrying about the underlying technology. Veeting Blocks is now available to all customers, partners, and resellers at no additional cost.

While existing CPaaS providers offer APIs for low-cost voice and video, they lack advanced collaboration features that businesses need. Veeting Blocks solves this problem by offering a one-stop solution for businesses. The comprehensive collection of collaboration and video conferencing web components includes whiteboards, meeting minutes and summaries, document sharing, polls, screensharing, scheduling and calendar invites, among others. With Veeting Blocks, developers can create tailored communication solutions and integrate conferencing into their existing application with ease.

"Our focus has always been on making communication and collaboration as easy and efficient as possible. We have filled a niche with our conferencing solution Veeting Rooms and its white-labelling companion Veeting Corporate. Veeting Blocks, the latest addition to our product portfolio, further underlines our commitment to bring effective communication everywhere," said Veeting CEO, Fabian Bernhard.

The Veeting Blocks components are based on the W3C standard "Web Components" and are supported by all browsers. Web components are a set of standardized browser APIs to build and package user interface elements and business logic. Web components can be shared and reused across different web pages or web applications. Developers leveraging web components focus on the high-level functionality of their application without the need to understand the logic built into the web components. This approach reduces development time and costs, as developers only need to write a few lines of code to connect to meetings and interact with the components, rather than building the entire solution from the ground up. Veeting Blocks enables companies to focus on delivering value to their customers, rather than spending time and resources on building complex infrastructure.

"Veeting Blocks and Veeting Rooms are built on the same technology, which ensures that all developments made on one product automatically become part of the other. This interconnectivity allows us to offer a seamless and consistent experience for our customers, no matter which solution they choose," said Aymeric Moizard, CTO at Veeting.

About Veeting AG

Veeting AG is a Swiss-based company founded in 2014. It provides encrypted video conferencing and web collaboration for businesses through its intuitive WebRTC platform. Veeting solutions are GDPR compliant, the company places a high priority on data privacy, never sharing any data. Its product portfolio includes Veeting Rooms, a web meeting solution for small businesses, Veeting Corporate for professional, fully branded video communication, and the low-code Veeting Blocks system for developers. Veeting solutions are accessible as a progressive web app on all desktop and mobile devices, with no additional software installation required. Companies looking to resell Veeting solutions can join the Veeting Partners program. With flexible options for booking individual Veetings, monthly subscriptions, or quickly setting up white label versions of the platform, Veeting Rooms makes virtual meetings as easy as a phone call.

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