Veeting has integrated an AI–based meeting assistant as an additional collaboration tool.

Veeting Launches AI-Based Meeting Assistant to Improve Collaboration

Zurich, May 16th, 2023 - The Swiss video conferencing provider Veeting has integrated an AI-based meeting assistant as an additional collaboration tool in its web meeting platform. The assistant provides effective real-time support to meeting participants, enhancing the productivity and efficiency of online meetings. The meeting assistant is now available at no additional cost in all Veeting products, including Veeting Blocks, the recently announced low-code solution for developers.

By combining human intuition with extensive knowledge of AI, online meetings become even more results-oriented. Participants can access the AI-based assistant at any time to discuss questions or develop new ideas. Questions such as "What are the key differences between employment contracts in the US and Europe?" or "What are important things to remember when doing business across the globe?" don't need to be answered with search engines anymore, they can be answered directly within the meeting room itself.

The conversation with the AI is shown to all attendees at the same time, making the virtual assistant appear to be an additional person in the room. This results in a one-of-a-kind teamwork experience for the entire group in a positive environment.

"Our mission is to continuously improve the efficiency and productivity of meetings by developing innovative tools that simplify and enrich collaboration in online meetings," said Fabian Bernhard, CEO of Veeting. "The AI-based meeting assistant is the next milestone on this path."

The communication with the AI assistant is included in the automatically generated summary along with all other information produced during a meeting. This ensures that the results achieved with the help of AI are also documented and easily accessible to all participants after the meeting.

Veeting has placed user privacy and security at the forefront of all development steps for this feature. Meeting participants always have the choice of whether to use the AI assistant. Only questions explicitly asked by participants are forwarded to OpenAI, always via Veeting's servers, to protect the privacy of the meeting participants. In addition, account holders can deactivate this feature entirely.

"With the launch of the AI assistant, we are advancing innovation and standards for secure and productive web meetings," said Aymeric Moizard, CTO of Veeting. "With the solution we've presented today, meeting participants can easily and purposefully benefit from AI. At the same time, we are taking into account concerns about the use of AI in the workplace."

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