A Meeting Room for Every Use Case

Veeting offers customized meeting experiences to fit your every need. Whether you're hosting a boardroom meeting with multiple participants or a webinar with a large audience, our platform has you covered.

For confidential conversations, try our Off-the-Record meeting type with end-to-end encrypted communication.


This popular option is designed for everyday business videoconferencing.

  • Hosts up to 30 participants with video, or 30 participants with only audio
  • Audio and video so everyone can be seen and heard
  • Can record meetings to comply with documentation requirements and for later analysis
  • Supporting documents are emailed to participants at the conclusion of the meeting.
  • Integrates with landline telephone systems for users without internet access
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Meeting Type Webinar Icon


The one-to-many configuration of the Veeting Webinar allows one or more presenters to share information with a large audience in a live, virtual setting.

  • Hosts a large group of attendees
  • Full feature set whiteboard, screen sharing, document upload, etc.
  • Non-presenting attendees can ask questions, raise their hand or request permission to share their video feed
  • Summary automatically distributed post-webinar to reinforce what was learned
  • For educational webinars, training events, media presentations and large-scale outreach

Off the Record Veetings

This specialized option leverages Peer-to-Peer technology to run secure, end-to-end encrypted meetings.

  • Host up to 5 participants
  • Additional privacy for sensitive conversations
  • Data shared directly between browsers
  • End-to-end encryption.
  • For attorney / client communication, healthcare settings and proprietary business strategy sessions

Since no records are generated, this type of meeting does not include emailed summaries for participants, the summary is available for download during the meeting.

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External Event Speaker

External speakers can be brought on stage with video. Your audience meets at your event location, you stream the event online for remote participants to follow the speeches in your webcast.

  • Manage speakers in a lobby and bring them on stage one-by-one
  • Speakers can control their slide decks or shared screen from the comfort of their own computer.
  • No complicated setup required for remote speakers, they just need a link.


FeatureBoardroomWebinarOff-the-RecordExternal speaker
Available for all account
Server location Switzerland
Audio and video encryptionPoint-to-PointPoint-to-PointEnd-to-EndPoint-to-Point
Encryption of documents, chat, etcPoint-to-PointPoint-to-PointEnd-to-EndPoint-to-Point
Optional recordingYesYesNoYes
Optional dial-inYesYesNoYes
Maximum number of participants30250+512

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