Veeting Rooms Integrates Easily in 3rd Party Applications

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Veeting’s Integrations

Veeting is designed for collaboration — and that includes working well with other applications.

Veeting Rooms and Microsoft Office 365


Benefits of Integrating Veeting Rooms with Outlook

  • Unify Data: Stay within your Outlook application while using Veeting Rooms.
  • Start Meetings Fast: Enjoy single-click access to audio and video meetings from the Outlook toolbar — no login required.
  • Don’t Hunt for Contacts: Select participants directly from the Outlook address book.
  • Improve Attendance: Check schedule availability for participants using the Outlook calendar before creating a meeting.
  • Sync Meetings: Move Veeting calendar entries into Outlook with one click.

Our Add-in is available in Standard and Enterprise editions to make virtual meetings a seamless part of the workday. Follow the simple instructions here.

Veeting Rooms and Slack Chat


Benefits of Integrating Veeting Rooms with Slack Chat

  • Upgrade Slack conversations to a fully featured video meeting
  • Immediately share a Veeting link in your Slack channel
  • No need to log in with Veeting Rooms

Connect your Slack Chat account with Veeting Rooms and schedule meetings with the "/veeting" Slack command in any Slack channel.

Add to Slack

Innovate with Veeting

API usage

Veeting is built for collaboration, customization, and interoperability. Enterprise clients and VARs rely on our easy-to-use webservice API to integrate with their mission-critical software.

Suggested Use Cases

  • Incorporate our videoconferencing and web collaboration into your enterprise CRM or HRM solution for a seamless customer or employee experience.
  • Embed the Veeting Room scheduler to manage calendars and schedule meetings from within your web app.
  • Schedule and manage meetings, display upcoming meetings, or link to archives from within your existing intranet application.
  • Add one-click “ad-hoc” meeting buttons to your communication workflow app.

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