Telecom Resellers – Add Margin with WebRTC

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Build Recurring Revenue with a High-Margin Product

Veeting is the only white-label videoconferencing and web collaboration solution custom-built to boost profitability for telecom providers.

SRDLS Internet Services

Veeting makes it possible to expand our product offering and add value for our customers, helping us stay competitive with companies several times our size.


Satisfy Customer

Attract new customers and upsell existing clients with modern, user-friendly videoconferencing.


Stand Out from

Make a strong impression by adding a fully white-labeled solution to your product portfolio.


Stay Ahead of
the Curve

Keep up with industry trends and maintain your edge even in the era of pure software telco.


Open New Doors and
Land Bigger Contracts

Participate in bidding on RFPs that require vendors to have videoconferencing capabilities.


Host on Your Own

Deploy in your data centers without excessive demand on your servers or user bandwidth.


Deploy Fast with
Minimal Effort

Work with a team that “gets” telecommunications technology and how to interface with ease.


Business Are Already Buying. Help Them Buy from You

Why not capture market share that’s currently going to WebEx and Zoom? Contact us to explore a reseller pricing model that makes sense for your business.

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