Private Video Conferencing for Healthcare

In a privacy-sensitive industry, organizations can often fall behind in adoption of the latest technology because they understand the consequences of making the wrong choice. We appreciate this caution, and we have worked diligently to bring to market a virtual meeting solution that fully addresses the challenges posed by online communication. With Veeting Rooms, your organization can enjoy face-to-face collaboration without the risks posed by operating “in the cloud”.

Veetings for Healthcare Providers

Our secure video conferencing platform supports the growing movement toward telemedicine for remote access to medical care. Virtual meeting rooms can improve access to healthcare, accuracy of diagnosis, and effectiveness of treatment by promoting collaboration among healthcare providers. With this straightforward technology, medical professionals can conduct patient consultations, engage far off specialists, and communicate with staff in and out of the office. Our web-based video solution can be accessed securely on mobile devices or laptops and might be used for everything from administrative meetings to patient follow ups, greatly reducing travel time and cost for both patients and medical personnel.

Veeting Rooms for Pharmaceutical Companies

With our web-based videoconferencing solution, pharma companies can achieve dramatic improvements in collaboration and communication across multiple departments or facilities. Research and Development, Production, Sales, Marketing, Distribution, and Administration can conference with each other or with suppliers, partners, and clients with equal ease.

Veeting Rooms Are HIPAA Compliant

In the health industry, privacy is always a top priority. At Veeting Rooms, we understand that any online communication between physicians and patients or among medical and research staff needs to be as closely guarded as possible. Our web conferencing solution meets strict industry standards and is compliant with HIPAA regulations to protect private medical information.

For the pharmaceutical industry, meetings may involve discussion of highly sensitive information including clinical trial data, trade secrets, and proprietary formulas. With secure and private virtual meetings hosted on servers located exclusively in Switzerland, confidentiality is ensured.

These Veeting Rooms provide true end-to-end data security that addresses both passive and active attacks against confidentiality. Read more about the full range of measures we take to ensure HIPAA compliance here.

Meet your clients with confidence

No matter in which jurisdiction your customers reside, your Veetings with them remain confidential!

Meet your clients with confidence