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Zurich, November 6, 2015. The Swiss web conferencing solution Veeting Rooms and SecureSafe - the ultra-secure on-line file safe - have decided to join forces. Participants of virtual meetings can now easily and securely receive meeting summaries, including all shared documents, into a fully secure numbered safe.

After each meeting Veeting Rooms automatically generates a meeting summary with the minutes, all relevant documents and the chat history. These meeting summaries can now immediately be saved and shared without any security risks and with just a mouse click. Veeting AG, which was founded in 2014, has found an excellent partner in Swiss-based DSwiss AG, whose ultra-secure on-line safe SecureSafe ensures that all confidential data remain protected from any external intrusion during transmission and on-line storing.

Veeting Rooms is a web conferencing solution for business customers. It offers a virtual meeting environment with audio and video conferencing and collaboration tools for live slideshow presentations, document sharing, text chat and whiteboard drawings. Until recently meeting summaries were distributed by e-mail to the meeting participants. Fabian Bernhard, CEO of Veeting, is proud to now also offer his customers a secure Swiss data transmission and storage solution, which is both effective and user-friendly. "A number of our customers insist on the fact that their data must be protected against external intrusion and must remain on Swiss territory. Our partnership with the leading Swiss provider of secure and simple data saving solutions is now a major selling point for us."

Bespoke solutions for businesses
Meanwhile, the SecureSafe solution - which is developed entirely in Switzerland - is used across the world by over 700,000 people and companies. "The need for an application that guarantees the secure saving of video conference summaries was important. Thanks to the partnership with Veeting Rooms, we now have a simple solution that we can recommend to our customers without any reservations", states Tobias Christen, CEO of the Zurich-based company DSwiss.

As underlined by Tobias Christen, SecureSafe continuously strives to devise bespoke solutions for companies, who insist on the security of their data. In Switzerland, SecureSafe has already created solutions for several cantonal banks, for AXA Winterthur as well as for many small and medium-sized enterprises. International businesses, such as the Spanish security service provider Prosegur, or the German insurance company Allianz, also rely on solutions created by SecureSafe.

About DSwiss SA and SecureSafe
Specialising in highly secure Internet services and in the long-term storage of important data, DSwiss AG was founded in 2008 and its headquarters are situated in Zurich. It offers the highly secure online storage SecureSafe, which more than 700,000 people across the world already use to save their data and passwords. Several banks, insurance companies and security providers such as Allianz, UniCredit, Prosegur and the cantonal bank of Zurich, deliver and store sensitive documents such as account statements in their customers' SecureSafes.

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About Veeting AG
Veeting Rooms is an innovative all-around solution for web-based conferences. Launched in 2014, the Swiss service provides virtual meeting rooms that offer all the tools necessary for efficient conferences, including online presentations, data exchange, whiteboards, shared screens and minutes. Thanks to its WebRTC technology, these highly secure audio and videoconferences are accessed directly in the browser and without the previous installation of software. The service is available on a subscription basis or in form of prepaid packages. The company also provides white-label solutions as well as integrations into existing software environments.

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