White label enhancements in compliance, security, branding, and convenience

Veeting further adapts web conferencing solution to customer needs

Zurich, October 8, 2020 - Veeting, the Swiss provider of web conferencing services, is responding to the sharp rise in demand from various industries for secure, privacy-compliant solutions for hosting virtual meetings by presenting a new release with many additional features. The new features focus in particular on the needs of enterprise customers and resellers who brand or market the white-label versions of Veeting Rooms. The main enhancements are in the areas of legal and compliance, security and privacy, and branding and convenience. For example, the latest version allows settings that are even more compliant with local regulatory requirements, and additional authentication methods have been introduced to restrict access to sessions. In addition, Veeting has increased the possible number of video participants in boardroom meetings to 30, and there are new options in defining custom labeling, as well as various other features such as a YouTube player, a survey and a quality feedback tool, a meeting calendar, a time zone picker or for blurring backgrounds or faces. "The Covid 19 pandemic has brought us increased demand from companies in all industries, both domestic and international. We now want to meet the changing customer needs with new functionalities," says Veeting CEO Fabian Bernhard. "This is because many companies and public sector organizations want to brand a web conferencing solution without having to compromise on data protection, information security and convenience."

For example, organizations not only have to meet legal requirements such as the EU's General Data Protection Regulation (EU GDPR) or the Swiss Data Protection Act, but also increasingly have to comply with internal guidelines and security regulations, says Bernhard. With the new version 6.4 of Veeting Rooms, it is now also possible to define your own imprint URLs or to automatically delete data from accounts after a certain time. Furthermore, blurred images allow to meet the needs for more privacy in the home office and the protection of sensitive information. The ML (machine learning) technology used in this process is also used to blur faces - a function that allows the anonymity of patients to be protected during clinical lectures, for example. Bernhard emphasizes: "The machine learning technology that we use to blur faces and image backgrounds does not run in our data centers, unlike the solutions of most of our market competitors, but exclusively on the end devices. In this way, we also meet the high requirements of data protection authorities with regard to the protection of sensitive personal data." Furthermore, white label customers can configure in the settings whether participants must or may provide their e-mail address, require an active account or an access code, or whether authorization for a session can be delegated to an external service. Furthermore, it is now possible, for example, to use user-defined CSS (Cascading Style Sheets) to override style preferences defined by the system. "Such innovations as custom CSS allow our customers more branding options and thus an improvement when appearing at web conferences with their own brand."

About Veeting AG

Veeting AG is a Swiss company based in Zurich that has been offering virtual meeting rooms for successful business with Veeting Rooms since 2014. The WebRTC platform includes a range of intuitive features and offers attractive white-label versions for resellers and companies who value web meetings with their own branding. Veeting Rooms provides easy access without the need for registration or software installation. Thanks to encrypted audio and video conferencing directly in the web browser as well as exclusive data storage in Switzerland, users benefit from a high level of security, even for sensitive data. The software service runs on all common operating systems and is available as a progressive web app offering the complete range of functions on all mobile devices. Veeting Rooms offers its customers a high degree of flexibility - enabling them to book individual Veetings, sign up for monthly subscriptions or quickly set up white label versions of the platform. Whichever way: With Veeting Rooms, virtual meetings are as easy as a phone call.

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