Veeting Rooms Continues To Invest in Security and Customer Experience

Zurich, September 3, 2015. Veeting Rooms, the Swiss web conferencing solution for business meetings, announced today the addition of exciting new features. To further drive product development, the company has also named Rolf Kuster as its new CTO. The new products include Off-The-Record Veetings, which — by bypassing servers — prevent eavesdropping and offer maximum data privacy. Additionally, companies will be able to brand all Veeting Rooms with their own corporate identity. Thanks to SIP integration, partners for white-label versions can now offer Veetings dial-in via telephone. And direct white-label clients will benefit from a new single-sign-on functionality. With the comprehensive product launch, Veeting Rooms is underscoring its focus on data privacy and customer convenience.

“We at Veeting Rooms have a clear vision,” says Fabian Bernhard, the founder and CEO of Veeting AG. “Entering and using a virtual conference room must be just as easy and secure as a meeting in the office hallway. And we want to offer each client a solution that is optimized — from pricing models and white-label versions to the integration into a company’s infrastructure. This is how we prioritize the development of our service.”

WebRTC Data Channel Allows for Secure Off-The-Record Meetings
With Off-The-Record Veetings, Veeting Rooms is now offering a new type of web conferencing that allows for even more privacy when exchanging highly sensitive data. These Veetings, which prohibit eavesdropping at no additional cost, make use of a WebRTC data channel that bypasses all servers and allows meeting participants to communicate directly. The new feature is perfect for those who are looking for maximum privacy. Customers who enjoy receiving an automated meeting summary can still opt for our Standard Veetings, which run on servers in Switzerland and must comply with the country’s strict privacy laws.

'Off-the-Record' Veetings

New Branding Options for Veeting Rooms
For Veeting Rooms, the needs of business clients are a top priority, and branding is one of their expectations. Thanks to a new, complimentary feature, they can now add their own branding, i.e. logo and color scheme, to a meeting room.

SIP Integration for White-Label Partners
In the telecommunications sector, resellers of the white-label version of Veeting Rooms benefit because the Swiss company now connects innovative webRTC technology with existing telephone standards and offers SIP integration. Any white-label version of Veeting Rooms can be connected to a company’s existing telephone system to support web-conference dial-in via telephone.

Multiple Applications, One Log-In: Veeting Rooms Adopts Single Sign-On
Veeting Rooms now supports single sign-on protocols/standards/mechanisms such as OAuth, SAML, LDAP and Windows Authentication. This means that partners with white-label versions hosted on company servers can integrate Veeting Rooms even more easily into their existing infrastructure.

On to New Growth With CTO Rolf Kuster
With the appointment of Rolf Kuster to the position of Chief Technology Officer, Veeting CEO Fabian Bernhard has brought an experienced technology leader on board. Kuster, who will further develop and expand the company’s services, has held key positions in product development, and building alliances with customers (e.g. at iscoord AG and at Zurich Insurance.) He has a solid background in network architecture and in the development and implementation of new technologies. Drawing on a global network and connections to international partners, he will support Veeting Rooms as it enters new markets. “Last year we expanded successfully from our local market, Switzerland, to Germany and Austria,” says Veeting CEO Fabian Bernhard. “Our next step is to establish Veeting Rooms in the U.S.A. and in South America. Rolf Kuster is the perfect appointment for this goal.”

About Veeting Rooms
Veeting Rooms is an innovative all-around solution for web-based conferences. Launched in 2014, the Swiss service provides virtual meeting rooms that offer all the tools necessary for efficient conferences, including online presentations, data exchange, whiteboards, shared screens and minutes. Thanks to our WebRTC technology, these comprehensive functions are just as userfriendly as the access to Veeting Rooms. Encrypted, highly secure audio and videoconferences are accessed directly in the browser and without the previous installation of software. Available in English and German, the service is compatible with all major PC operating systems as well as with Android for mobile. Veeting Rooms offers its clients great flexibility. The service is available on a subscription basis or in form of prepaid packages, and we provide white-labeling as well as full integration into existing software environments. No matter how — with Veeting Rooms, virtual meetings are as easy as a phone call.
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