INTICO Launches New Business Offering “iTalkYou Rooms”

Bogota, October 7, 2015. The successful VoIP provider INTICO launched today an innovative web conferencing solution for its clients: iTalkYou Rooms. iTalkYou Rooms was first presented at the Elastix World conference in Bogota, Colombia. For this service, the Mexican telecommunications provider INTICO is partnering with the US based XmarteK LLC and the Swiss company Veeting AG. iTalkYou Rooms, a white-label version of Veeting Rooms, is hosted on the VoIP provider’s own servers. It is available as an inexpensive monthly and yearly subscription. WebRTC technology with encrypted direct audio and video connections ensures that conference participants enjoy optimal privacy, without having to create logins or install any special software. This makes web meetings with iTalkYou as easy as a phone call or a hallway conversation.

iTalkYou Rooms is more than a simply communications channel: It provides business clients with fully equipped conference rooms for effective online meetings.

Comprehensive Functionality for Business Meetings
The iTalkYou Rooms experience starts with the setting of an agenda during the planning phase and extends all the way to the automatic distribution of minutes. During the meeting, participants can use the whiteboard, text chat in real time, take notes, exchange documents and share the screen. The user-friendly, intuitive interface makes these tasks easy.

High Quality Enhancement of iTalkYou Services
“INTICO is very excited about this venture. iTalkYou Rooms comes to enhance the iTalkYou's user experience through interactive video conferences, integrated to all current iTalkYou features.
Undoubtedly, this allows iTalkYou to stay a step ahead of our competition, where users could take advantage of online meetings in a business environment.” says Oscar Gomez-Osorio, CEO of INTICO

Strong Partnership to Strengthen Position
“We are very enthusiastic about being part of this first venture between the Swiss Veeting and the Latin American INTICO. We are helping to create new service opportunities, new revenue streams and bring cost effective technology to the hand of Latin American users.“ adds Juan Pablo Pazos, CEO of XmarteK

Veeting Rooms Further Strengthens Its Position in the Telecommunications Sector
Launched in 2014, the web conferencing solution Veeting Rooms quickly established itself in the German speaking markets. With INTICO and XmarteK as our partners, Veeting now announces its first partnership in the Americas. One of the service’s core strengths is its flexibility. Fabian Bernhard, the founder and CEO of Veeting AG, says: “We offer attractive white-label versions and full integration into a company’s existing infrastructure. This makes us especially appealing for telecommunications providers. We are thrilled to partner with INTICO and its brand iTalkYou, a very strong contender in this sector.”

INTICO has more than 10 years of experience in the development of communication services and technological innovation. INTICO has the technological infrastructure to offer its services throughout North and South America, as well as to the rest of the world. 
Its customers belong to different sectors of the business environment, such as Banks, Call Centers, Financial Companies, Department Stores, Educational Institutions, Marketing and Service Providers, among others. 

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About XmarteK LLC
XmarteK, founded in 2005, has been partnering with service providers, application developers and thousands of resellers throughout Latin America, the Caribbean and the United States, bridging technology from Tier1 vendors from all over the world.
XmarteK is starting Cloud Services for its channel and is representing Veeting for the Americas.

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About Veeting Rooms
Veeting Rooms is an innovative all-around solution for web-based conferences. Launched in 2014, the Swiss service provides virtual meeting rooms that offer all the tools necessary for efficient conferences, including online presentations, data exchange, whiteboards, shared screens and minutes. Thanks to our WebRTC technology, these comprehensive functions are just as userfriendly as the access to Veeting Rooms. Encrypted, highly secure audio and videoconferences are accessed directly in the browser and without the previous installation of software. Available in English and German, the service is compatible with all major PC operating systems as well as with Android for mobile. Veeting Rooms offers its clients great flexibility. The service is available on a subscription basis or in form of prepaid packages, and we provide white-labeling as well as full integration into existing software environments. No matter how — with Veeting Rooms, virtual meetings are as easy as a phone call.

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