Veeting Rooms launches first official release Video conferencing solution for businesses from a Swiss Start-Up

Zurich, 24. Feb. 2014. Veeting Rooms offers an easy to use virtual meeting environment for audio and video conferencing, live presentations, a secure exchange of documents, a text chat and other tools to take meetings virtual. Veeting Rooms is built on a new technology standard called WebRTC, which allows video conferencing directly in your web browser without having to install any plugin or software. Veeting Rooms safeguards the user’s privacy by running the whole solution completely in Switzerland where data is safeguarded by strong data protection and privacy laws. Veeting Rooms is designed as a business solution and allows video conferencing up to 30 minutes for free.

Video conferencing is nothing new - though today’s solutions all come with a catch: They require all participants to have software installed and to be registered with the according service. Skype only works if you have their client installed and both parties have an account. Google Hangouts can only be used if both parties are registered with Google’s social network Google+. This is a big inhibitor for business adoption since participants often do not have an account or can’t even install the software due to company policy. “And many services come with social elements, like contact lists, to which you have to add people prior to talking to them. But do you really want everybody, even short term contacts, to see your online presence?” Philipp Baumann adds, Co-Founder of

“Our goal is to make video conferencing as simple as making a phone call.” says Fabian Bernhard, co-founder of Veeting Rooms. “It runs entirely in your browser, none of the participants need to install any software or have to register prior to using our solution.” This is where Veeting Rooms differentiates itself from other services. Setting up a new video conference and generating a participant link is done in less than a minute. The participant link is then sent to all invitees, and all they have to do is to press the link. “Large international companies invest in expensive Unified Communication solutions - for small and medium sized enterprises (SME) these are often an overkill. is an inexpensive and practical alternative aiming at SMEs which have become much more international too.” adds Philipp Baumann. With Veeting Rooms targeting the SME business, they are going after a market which hasn’t seen much competition by the existing providers.

30 minutes free video conferencing

Everyone can schedule meetings up to 30 minutes for free with up to 5 video or 10 audio participants. As an organizer you can share slideshows with all participants and use the pen tool to highlight important points in the presentation. A premium subscription gives more comfort and the benefit of scheduling as many meetings for as long as you want starting at 29 Swiss Francs. The scheduling also becomes more convenient: You can set up meetings directly in a calendar and invite the participants via by sending them Outlook or Google Calender invites. Accepted payment methods are credit cards and even Bitcoins!

Safeguarding your privacy through hosting in Switzerland

Since the unveiling of Snowden on the NSA spying activities, more and more European businesses are asking about the location of the servers. “The credibility of american ICT providers has clearly suffered in the last year, especially since the NSA activities have gone public you don’t know who has access to your corporate data.” says Fabian Bernhard. encrypts the data transmission and relies solely on local providers to host the service in Switzerland. This ensures that the data is safeguarded by strong Swiss data protection and privacy laws. “We want a secure communication environment and to ensure our clients privacy. We don’t even use Google Analytics to analyze our data traffic, as all collected data would be transferred to Google too.”

WebRTC - a groundbreaking technology for video solutions

Veeting Rooms is built on a new technology standard called WebRTC, which stands for “web based real-time communication”. WebRTC enables the peer-to-peer connection (P2P) between two browsers and is currently supported by the web browsers Chrome, Firefox and Opera. “We are thrilled by the possibilities provided by this technology.” says Fabian. Due to the peer-to-peer connection you don’t need a server in the middle which can become to a bottleneck and drive up the latency for audio and video transmission. “Thanks to WebRTC we can provide significantly better video and audio quality than many other solutions.” works with the most common browsers such as Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox and Opera directly without the need for plugins. Mobile video conferencing is also supported on Android based devices. The Swiss development team are currently working on an Internet Explorer solution expected within the next 2 months.

About Veeting AG

Veeting AG is a Swiss company based in Zurich that has been offering virtual meeting rooms for successful business with Veeting Rooms since 2014. The WebRTC platform includes a range of intuitive features and offers attractive white-label versions for resellers and companies who value web meetings with their own branding. Veeting Rooms provides easy access without the need for registration or software installation. Thanks to encrypted audio and video conferencing directly in the web browser as well as exclusive data storage in Switzerland, users benefit from a high level of security, even for sensitive data. The software service runs on all common operating systems and is available as a progressive web app offering the complete range of functions on all mobile devices. Veeting Rooms offers its customers a high degree of flexibility - enabling them to book individual Veetings, sign up for monthly subscriptions or quickly set up white label versions of the platform. Whichever way: With Veeting Rooms, virtual meetings are as easy as a phone call.

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