Swiss Web Conferencing Startup Veeting Rooms Closes Successful Angel Investment Round

Zurich, September 25 2014. The Swiss web conferencing startup Veeting Rooms ( today announced that it has successfully raised CHF 200'000 in an Angel investment round. The transaction strengthens the already solid foundation of the company and allows the acceleration of the product pipeline output and expansion of its market presence.

Veeting Rooms is an enterprise strength Software as a Service (SaaS) web conferencing solution with an extra focus on privacy and confidentiality. It integrates with Microsoft Outlook and enables its customers worldwide to conduct browser based business meetings with the security of an end-to-end encrypted audio and video conferencing system.

The software will be licensable to run in-house in global enterprises and in specially certified data centers of selected resellers. Companies will also be able to procure white label versions in order to utilise their own corporate branding.

Use of funds
This funding round enables Veeting Ltd to accelerate its product pipeline output and to expand its market presence and sales efforts. Primary target markets include SME’s in the financial and health care industry in the English and German speaking regions of the world.

Board of Directors
The newly founded board of directors consist of Fabian Bernhard, founder and CEO of Veeting Rooms, Hal Philipp, founder of Quantum Research Group Ltd (acquired by Atmel in 2008) and Meridian Growth Capital, and Boston-based Philip Rauh of Clintara.

“Veeting's browser-based, highly secure online conferencing technology brings an exciting new option to the online conferencing world. Since it is client side encrypted using WebRTC and is 100% Swiss-based, it allows business users to experience ultra-private video conferencing without the hassle of downloading a special application. This, and the considerable talents and enthusiasm of the founder Fabian Bernhard, made my investment decision easy” says investor Hal Philipp.

“At Veeting we are excited to have highly successful personalities such as Hal Philipp, Philip Rauh and Silicon Valley marketing executive Stefano Lindt on board. Their contribution and guidance regarding corporate licenses and white label versions will dramatically improve customer acceptance and satisfaction going forward.”, says Fabian Bernhard.

Solution benefits
Businesses under time and cost pressure are looking to increase their use of online virtual meeting and collaboration services and need to conduct these in a confidential and secure environment. Being able to schedule and conduct virtual meetings with anyone around the world directly from the desktop or mobile device improves cost and convenience factors. Video conferencing solutions have been around for some time but never have they been easier and more private than today.

“I am excited to be a part of Veeting. There is room for improvement in the video conferencing industry and Veeting offers clients the chance of combining a customer oriented, high quality service with a high level of data privacy and transparency.”, explains Philip Rauh, member of the board of Veeting Ltd.

About Veeting Rooms
Veeting Rooms is a web conferencing solution that runs directly in any modern web browser. The virtual meeting environment comes with end-to-end encrypted audio and video conferencing using WebRTC, business-class slideshow presentation, whiteboard, document sharing, agenda panel, text chat and other features for effective online meetings. Its Software as a Service (SaaS) offering allows businesses with a need for confidentiality to conduct their business meetings using peer-to-peer connections, enabled by Swiss based servers. Licensing will allow Veeting to run entirely behind corporate firewalls, while white-label versions will allow corporate branding. Companies and individuals can subscribe to a variety of subscription and pay as you go bulk meeting plans at competitive price points.


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