Veeting Rooms Sets New Standard for Online Meetings

Zurich, November 12, 2014. Two Swiss virtues, neutrality and discretion, prime an innovative solution for web based business meetings for success in the German speaking market. Veeting Rooms ( a unique provider in the industry, adheres to strict Swiss data privacy laws. The service does not require the installation of any special software. And conference participants need not create an account. Thanks to innovative technology Veeting Rooms meetings run directly in the browser, with no plugins required. But the solution offers more than a communications channel. Veeting Rooms provides all the user-friendly tools that make business meetings productive. When it comes to pricing, the new service sets itself apart by offering subscription based as well as pay-as-you-go services. The packages are especially attractive for small or medium-size businesses that, in the past, may have used a service such as Skype. Enhanced data security, easy access, flexible pricing, high functionality for business clients: This is how Veeting Rooms is establishing itself as the European alternative to traditional audio and videoconferencing solutions.

Having launched successfully on the company’s home turf in Switzerland, Veeting Rooms is now expanding into the entire German speaking market with a communications campaign and precisely targeted distribution activities. The company’s founder and CEO, Fabian Bernhard, says about the service’s great potential: “Access to our virtual meeting rooms is simple. There are no technical barriers, and all our tools are extremely easy to use. During the many years I worked in the financial and telecommunications sectors this was exactly the service that was always missing. Also, many companies long for solutions that pay special attention to data privacy — which is one of Veeting Rooms’ strengths.”


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