Veeting reports encouraging growth for the past year: the number of customers with a whitelabel instance grew from 30 to more than 250.

Successful business year for Swiss web conferencing provider Veeting

Zurich, March 7, 2021 - Veeting, the Swiss provider of privacy-compliant web conferencing services, has reported encouraging growth for the past year: the number of customers with a white label instance grew from 30 to more than 250. Through the resale channel, the number of companies holding their business meetings with the Veeting Rooms online conferencing service also rose to more than 2,800 worldwide. In total, more than 120,000 business meetings ("Veetings") were held in Veeting Rooms worldwide in 2020. This is many times more than in previous years. Veeting CEO Fabian Bernhard does not attribute this very encouraging growth solely to the increased use of web conferencing in the wake of the Covid 19 pandemic. Concentrating on the white labeling niche was a strategically important decision. That's because more and more companies no longer view web conferencing as a necessary evil, but as an integral part of their long-term work culture within the company and across corporate boundaries. "Online consulting has definitely established itself as an established communication channel to the outside world," says Bernhard. Veeting also allows resellers, such as IT companies, to offer a solution under their brand or allow their customers to brand the web conferences with their own brand. In addition, the trend toward more online events has boosted business. Here, Veeting works primarily with xtendx, the Swiss provider of an enterprise video platform where Veeting is part of the overall offering.

"Lockdown and Homeoffice certainly played their part in our success last year. But a weighty influence on our business performance in 2020 was also the market-driven mapping of the sales channel with our own distributor and reseller portals for opening whitelabel instances." Making the whitelabel business Veeting's most important mainstay has proven to be the right move: "Our technology investment in these sales channel portals has clearly paid off," Bernhard is certain. After all, many companies today were looking for a Swiss solution that complied with data protection regulations and also allowed their data to be processed in a Swiss data center. "Companies brand our white-label products and hold business meetings and consultations on their own website - virtually in their own online meeting rooms. That creates trust."

About Veeting AG

Veeting AG is a Swiss company based in Zurich that has been offering virtual meeting rooms for successful business with Veeting Rooms since 2014. The WebRTC platform includes a range of intuitive features and offers attractive white-label versions for resellers and companies who value web meetings with their own branding. Veeting Rooms provides easy access without the need for registration or software installation. Thanks to encrypted audio and video conferencing directly in the web browser as well as exclusive data storage in Switzerland, users benefit from a high level of security, even for sensitive data. The software service runs on all common operating systems and is available as a progressive web app offering the complete range of functions on all mobile devices. Veeting Rooms offers its customers a high degree of flexibility - enabling them to book individual Veetings, sign up for monthly subscriptions or quickly set up white label versions of the platform. Whichever way: With Veeting Rooms, virtual meetings are as easy as a phone call.

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