Veeting Rooms Integrates with Office 365

The Veeting Rooms application has always been easy to use. It is browser based and designed for everyday users to operate with confidence. But there’s a difference between easy and seamless—and we are always looking for ways to close that gap. Since most of our clients use Microsoft Outlook to handle email, manage contacts, and arrange schedules, we’ve made the development of a Veeting AddIn a top priority. We’re pleased to announce that this integration feature is now available and ready to make your Veetings even more user-friendly.

Benefits of Integrating Veeting Rooms with Outlook

  • Unify Data: Stay within your Outlook application while using Veeting Rooms.
  • Start Meetings Fast: Enjoy single-click access to audio and video meetings from the Outlook toolbar—no login required.
  • Don’t Hunt for Contacts: Select participants directly from the Outlook address book.
  • Improve Attendance: Check schedule availability for participants using the Outlook calendar before creating a meeting.
  • Sync Meetings: Move Veeting calendar entries into Outlook with one click.

Our AddIn is available in Standard and Enterprise editions, making it simple to roll out this new feature to everyone in your company. Install the AddIn now to make virtual meetings a seamless part of the workday.


Copy the following link:
Office in the browser:

Office as a desktop application:

Open the dialog window

Paste the link

System requirements

  • Microsoft Outlook 2013 or 2016