Broadcast Button Web Component


The Broadcast Button Web Component is a 1:many audio (optionally also video) broadcasting component. It allows you to broadcast live podcasts, auctions and speeches or press conferences to a broader audience, directly on your own website.

Broadcast Button


You will need two separate websites: the first website is aimed for the broadcasting person, the other for the audience of the broadcast. Both websites embedd the same web component, however, they are configured differently.

Make sure to embed the Javascript file directly from your web meeting instance. This way you never miss an update.

  <!-- embedd the web component -->
  <broadcast-button api-host="https://<YOUR WEB MEETING INSTANCE URL>"
    start-text="Start broadcasting"
    stop-text="Stop broadcasting"
    meeting-id="2177-5337-3955-4915"> </broadcast-button>

  <!-- embedd the WebRTC adapter for browser compatibility -->
  <script type="text/javascript"

  <!-- embedd the web component code -->
  <script type="text/javascript"
    src="https://<Web Meeting Domain Name>/component/broadcast-button/elements.js"></script>



You can use HTML attributes to configure the Broadcast Button. Some attributes are mandatory, others optional. The table below describes each of the attributes available.

Attribute nameMandatory?Description
api-hostYesThe domain name of your web meeting instance, for example
participant-nameYesThe name of the participant. If you don't know the name you may use a placeholder such as Anonymous.
participant-emailNoThe email address of the participant.
meeting-idYesThe ID of the meeting to which the component should connect to.
start-textNoString to overwrite the default "Start text"
stop-textNoString to overwrite the default "Stop text"
featureYesEither "audio" or "video", defines if the broadcast is audio only or with video included
streaming-tokenNoRequired for the broadcasting side. This streaming token is equal to the moderator token of the Webinar
streamingYesSet this to true if the website is for the broadcasting person, otherwise, set it to false for visitors. If true a valid streaming-token needs to be provided too.


Use our Javascript APIs to interact with the Web Component, for example for media device selection, leaving and rejoining the meeting, etc

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