Veeting Rooms Value Case

How Veeting Rooms
Leverages Savings

Here are some ways our web conferencing service benefits you

  • By saving you travel dollars and travel time. That's a no brainer. Collaborative online meetings are the way to go.
  • By saving you IT support time and hence cost. There's no need to involve your expensive IT team since there is nothing to support. There is no installation! You just login to your account in our cloud, schedule your meetings and invite your participants. They join from their browsers with the meeting link that you send them and of course they don't pay either.
  • By utilizing the standard hardware that you already have. Every laptop these days has a built in camera and microphone which work perfectly with Veeting. Of course you can plug in additional goodies like an HD camera or a hi resolution microphone all of which will work seamlessly with Veeting Rooms.
  • By providing comprehensive platform coverage from Linux, Mac, PC and Android (Mobile phones and tablets), allowing you to schedule and hold collaborative meetings from any of these platforms.
  • By utilizing state of the art industry standard protocols such as WebRTC which enable rich real time communications in a browser.
  • By allowing you to experience all of this at low entry level pricing that scales with your needs.

Not all web conferencing solutions are the same. Some require that you download software and involve your IT team. Others require a minimum base set of installed plugins to work. Veeting Rooms on the other hand only requires a browser. The same browser that you use to access everything else on your LAN or the internet. No plugins or software downloads needed period.

We believe that bringing your face to face meetings into the 21st century should be as painless as possible and shouldn't cost you the earth.

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