Veeting Rooms for Audio Collaboration

Not every virtual meeting calls for video interaction. But a traditional phone-only conference call isn’t the best alternative since it provides users with no visual or interactive data. An audio Veeting Room makes multiple streams of information available during meetings for an enhanced user experience. Our solution provides a full range of complimentary features including:

  • Whiteboard collaboration
  • Document sharing
  • Live chat

This interactive and collaborative approach to audio meetings matches the way today’s professionals work with laptops, computers, and smart devices in the office or on the road.

A Full Service Solution

The benefit of Veeting Rooms doesn’t start or end with the conference call. This web-based solution lets you administer every aspect of audio meetings from one location. Log in to your Veeting account to schedule meetings and invite participants or review saved data from previous meetings. As many as 10 users can participate in an audio call, making this a very attractive solution for larger groups. Keep team members and clients in touch with efficient, timely communication.

Simple, Secure, Sound

As always, our Swiss-based virtual meeting solution offers 24/7 accessibility with no software download required. You can start an audio meeting form any PC, Mac, or Linux desktop. Mobile users are also kept in the loop with crystal clear HD voice calls on the road. The audio-conferencing feature functions well with 3G, 4G, or WiFi networks. Veeting Rooms works on Android mobile and tablet devices with no extra software downloads.

When to Choose Audio Veetings

The web-based audio conferencing option is ideal when:

  • Attendees have visual privacy concerns
  • User technology is not video-enabled
  • Available network bandwidth isn’t fast enough to support live video streaming
  • Having multiple participants using video would be distracting
  • A meeting needs to feature more than 5 participants

Flexible and Affordable

Our audio and video meeting solutions are both available for the same low cost. A call can be initiated as audio-only for businesses and teams that don’t have or don’t wish to use video equipment. Audio-only participants can also be added to any video meeting, and video users can switch modes as-needed throughout the conference call to go to voice-only mode. It’s your meeting—you decide what technology works best.

Meet your clients with confidence

No matter in which jurisdiction your customers reside, your Veetings with them remain confidential!

Meet your clients with confidence