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Keep on Coaching Virtually Anywhere.

Your clients rely on you to be there for them. Sometimes, that means being on location. But with the right platform, you can also deliver valuable insights, experience, and support through remote communication. Veeting allows you to interact and collaborate with clients all around the world as you expand your coaching career.

Bring Your Clients Closer with Video.

  • Stay in touch and build trust via face-to-face online sessions.
  • Extend your geographic reach and add new virtual coaching offerings.
  • Provide one-on-one or team coaching to strengthen relationships when you can’t be on-site.
  • Follow up after in-person sessions to improve accountability.

You can even upload your own logo to the Veeting platform for consistent branding.

Users Talk About Us

VKInto Sana, Hospital

We have chosen Veeting as a platform for remote consultations for our clients and almost 1000 doctors in our clinics. Thanks to the excellent support, we set up the telemedicine process and integrated it with our medical information system. The key advantages were also the ease of use of the service, and no need to install applications for both patients and doctors.

TWTeamfon GmbH, Telecom

Veeting Rooms with its innovative approach and use of WebRTC standards is the perfect fit for our product line. Now our clients can get together easily in virtual meetings.

TGPonteNet, Physicians' network

With Veeting, we have found a dynamic Swiss video conferencing provider that takes our requirements regarding data protection as seriously as we do ourselves. With PonteMeet, we can provide our approximately 1,000 connected physicians with a stable, secure and easy-to-use platform that can be integrated into other systems via API. We are now even more excited to expand our webinar offering and handle it with Veeting.

SRMohrbooks AG Literary Agency (Zürich)

Veeting is an integral part of the communication strategy for our company and has proven itself in all our internal and external conferences. It's a great tool. We really appreciate the diverse features, especially the ease of use and the of the user interface. Even external users who come to the platform for the first time are enthusiastic. The support is great, we are completely satisfied with the solution.

TKAlexianer GmbH, Health Care

Veeting “Off the Record” is extremely useful for tumor conferences. We couldn't find a secure system for our conferences for a long time.

CFxtendx AG, Enterprise Video

With Veeting, we have found a reliable partner for webinars and breakout sessions that also meets our high data protection and data privacy requirements. The Veeting Rooms solution can be easily integrated into our products and software solutions of our partner, their white labelling options are impressive.

MMHelbling Reisen, Travel Agency

In times when social distancing is mandatory, personal customer meetings and professional sales talks become a challenge. With Veeting, Helbling Reisen's travel experts overcome this physical distance and maintain the close customer relationship they are used to.

NADHL, Supply Chain

We were looking at a solution that allowed us to support a workshop style online where we could have access to multiple virtual rooms at the same time. Veeting offered this feature and was therefore our selected go-to-solution. We greatly appreciate the customer service as they instantly reacted to all of our requests and helped us in delivering a successful online event.

CBpeoplefone AG, Telecom

We carefully select all our partners, and the innovative and mature offering of Veeting Rooms convinced us on all fronts. Our more than 4,000 business clients will enjoy peoplefone MEET especially for its ease of use.

CBKnecht Reisen, Travel Agency

We have been using Veeting since the beginning of 2019 for large meetings and especially for our new event format 'virtual customer evenings'. We especially appreciate the easy access to participation even for technically non-experienced customers and interested parties. The roll-out went smoothly and in case of questions we could always rely on the support by Veeting.


I just started using Veeting's virtual meeting room service. Its several generations ahead of WebEx and at least one generation ahead of Zoom and GoToMeeting.

SCGSwiss Financial Institution

With the Veeting Rooms solution we are be able to expand in Switzerland and into other countries much faster than building branches on the ground.


With Veeting Rooms we can offer our customers and travel prospects personal online advice and present new products in online events. This enables us to maintain constant contact with our customers and keep them up to date interactively.

TCDSwiss, Securesafe

Web meetings are in important element in our sales process. We were looking for excellent customer service, data security and an always up to date solution. Veeting Rooms provides all of this.

SRDLS Internet Services, Telecom

Veeting made it possible to expand our product offering and add value for our customers, helping us stay competitive with companies several times our size.

JPPXmarteK LLC, Telecom

A video relationship creates a strong commitment. When you can see someone face to face, you feel like you owe them an answer. We’ve definitely seen the response time of support staff improve using Veeting.

Favorite Features for Coaching Sessions

During the Session

  • Share screens and distribute documents
  • Chat privately or with a group during team sessions
  • Use the whiteboard for creative collaboration
  • Play YouTube videos (from your own or other channels)

Before and After the Meeting

  • Integrate your calendar to show availability for sessions
  • Schedule sessions easily across time zones
  • Send a session overview or agenda with the invite
  • Automatically distribute notes, docs, homework, and other resources after the session
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Easy for Your Clients

Veeting Rooms is built to deliver a superior user experience regardless of where your clients are or which device they use.

  • No hardware to buy or software to install
  • No need to download a mobile app
  • Set up and join meetings directly from any web browser
  • Enter a virtual meeting simply by clicking on a link

Start a free trial and start using Veeting to support your coaching business.

Use What You Need. Pay as You Go.

You can purchase access to Veeting Rooms one meeting at a time, allowing you to easily build this business cost into the price of a coaching session. Total control means total predictability.

Our monthly subscription plan is another popular option once you reach a consistent volume of coaching sessions. Both options are affordable and built to support professionals like you.

Important: Veeting is fully GDPR compliant for privacy protection.

Explore Our Rich Feature Set

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