Is Business Transformation Impacting Communication in Your Company?

Struggling with finding the right web conferencing and collaboration tool to keep up with business transformation?

Business transformation affects people management. You are an HR manager who needs to stay on top of the latest trends and developments. You need to handle a global workforce, hire globally, enable employees to work remotely while implementing change within the organization. In this context, communication and collaboration are key aspects that can make or break a company in the new digital age.

We can help!

Our video conferencing tool is based on WebRTC technology. It can help HR managers with their most difficult challenges. Veeting Rooms highly contributes to reducing travel costs and time spent travelling, shortening the time to hire, reaching geographically dispersed candidates and keeping employees engaged.

Easy to use. No software installation required

Runs directly in the web browser, users enter the meeting room with just one click

No need to exchange phone number/Skype ID with the candidates

Very easy to integrate with your existing tools and workflows

It automatically sends you a summary after each meeting

Enables live slide deck presentations for whenever you want to present your company


Start your Veeting Rooms trial today and get rid of communication burdens

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Here is how video conferencing & collaboration tools can help HR managers overcome the challenges of business transformation

Download our whitepaper to identify important challenges and observe the changes that have reshaped HR departments in the past 10 years. We will also be discussing the ways in which video conferencing tools can assist HR managers on their road to business transformation.