Veeting Rooms for Video Collaboration

Have trends like mobilization and globalization made your workforce feel disconnected? Support and empower your distributed teams to work together more effectively with face-to-face collaboration in a secure, virtual environment. With Veeting Rooms, your business can benefit from having a more cohesive workforce without wasting valuable resources.

Effective Meetings Bring Results

Our virtual meeting room solution makes it simple to administer meetings online from web-enabled computers and mobile devices.

  • Schedule meetings
  • Invite participants, track RSVPs, and send reminders or meeting summaries
  • Share documents
  • Chat with participants
  • Display slideshows and other visual content
  • Brainstorm on a virtual whiteboard

Veeting Rooms Make Good Business Sense

With our web-based videoconferencing solution, you can reduce or eliminate the costs associated with:

  • Commute times and travel costs for in-person meetings
  • Low participation in meetings due to inconvenience
  • Lost collaboration opportunities and poor communication
  • Expensive video-conferencing equipment
  • Software incompatibilities
  • Managing security and privacy for meetings

What Makes Veeting Rooms Work?

One thing you won’t need is an IT expert by your side. We believe that a virtual meeting solution is only useful if it is accessible to all participants without hassle. There is no special additional hardware or software needed to join a meeting and it works with standard up-to-date browsers. Participants can use hardware such as a regular laptop with a built-in camera and mic or an Android mobile device. Guests are not required to create an account or log in to join a meeting. In fact, joining a Veeting is simpler than picking up the phone and dialing a number.

Note: A headset with a microphone is a thoughtful accessory for those who will be joining the Veeting from a shared space such as a busy office or a public place.

There’s No Substitute for Quality

The quality of our video and audio conferencing solution provides a rich user experience. High image resolution and crystal clear audio let you interact with stakeholders as if they were across the table—even if they are across the world. This emphasis on getting things right applies to all aspects of our solution, from customer service to data privacy. Thank you for letting us meet your virtual meeting needs with Veeting Rooms.

Meet your clients with confidence

No matter in which jurisdiction your customers reside, your Veetings with them remain confidential!

Meet your clients with confidence