Information Technology and Virtual Meetings

As early adopters of technology, IT professionals know more than most about the challenges posed by video-conferencing. In the early days of virtual meetings, video solutions were associated with a hefty price tag for software and hardware, and the systems were complex and labor intensive to set up and operate.

Today, the rise of simple online web conferencing has made things much simpler for the average user. However, such ready availability has opened up an entirely new set of concerns with online privacy and data security for businesses. Any user within a company may decide to conduct business in a non-secure video chat environment, unintentionally exposing sensitive information. IT is faced with the difficult task of finding a solution that complies with all data privacy and security requirements and still satisfies business users by providing an intuitive interface. With Veeting Rooms, the intelligent solution has arrived.

Better Communication with Vendors and Clients

Online meetings have many applications for IT in business. For example, a CIO might invite software vendors to offer proposals and showcase their solutions in a secure video conference, using desktop sharing and their own staging servers to demo their software.

For IT techs in the field, Veeting Rooms can be used for diagnostic purposes. A mobile device with a video-camera and an internet connection is all that’s needed to send streaming visuals to technicians at a remote service center.

Project Support for Distributed IT Teams

Internal and external IT teams stand to benefit greatly from implementing videoconferencing for projects. This system complements traditional collaborative development platforms, adding a video component while enabling and supporting additional streams of information including live chat, document sharing, whiteboarding, desktop and code sharing, and much more.

When Just Looking at Code Isn’t Enough

Software development and operations teams need to get to know one another and form a tight-knit unit to work effectively together. This isn’t easy when onshore and offshore employees and independent contractors are all working from different locations. Secure, reliable, and consistently available Veeting Rooms put IT users face-to-face in the same virtual space. Web video meetings support better connection and bonding during morning standup video meetings for distributed Agile teams. High-quality video/audio offers greater clarity in communication, leading to fewer mistakes, less rework, and better adherence to deadlines.

Meet your clients with confidence

No matter in which jurisdiction your customers reside, your Veetings with them remain confidential!

Meet your clients with confidence