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Our servers are located in Switzerland

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Our servers are located in Switzerland where data protection and privacy are assured.

Safeguarding our customers data to the best of our ability is an important part of our service. Here are some of the measures that we take to protect it:

  • All meeting streams, whether audio or video and document uploads are encrypted using industry trusted encryption (TLS and DTLS-SRTP). This is the same secure encryption used to access your bank accounts online.
  • The servers used to relay your data are our own and are based in Switzerland, a jurisdiction that takes privacy and data protection very seriously. The government here is not allowed to snoop on your data due to stringent Swiss data protection and privacy laws in contrast to other jurisdictions we can mention. All our servers run Linux which is extremely reliable and secure.
  • None of your meeting audio or video streams are stored on our servers. They are encrypted and relayed but never stored. This basically means that our servers can't be considered to be part of the cloud.
  • For meetings scheduled by an account holder we store all your uploaded documents (except audio and video) securely for future use in subsequent meetings. Of course you may access them at any time simply by logging back in to your account and navigating to “past meetings”. If you delete a past meeting all the meeting documents will also be removed entirely.
  • We never use your email addresses for any purpose other than to communicate with you and to establish your online meetings. Meeting participants are not required to provide their email addresses since they can be invited by a meeting link. Your email address will never be passed on to any third party whatsoever.

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