Getting Started with Veeting Rooms

  • Create a trial account

    Start a new free trial by clicking on the green button at top right of the site entitled - Free Trial and fill in the very short registration form

    Getting Started - Step 1 - Create Account
    • Note: The email address you enter will be the one that you use as the meeting organizer.
    • No credit card required!
  • Log in to your new account

    After you have created your Trial Account you should have received an email with your new password. Click on the link in the email or on the "Login" button on top of this page to log in into your account using your new password.

    Getting Started - Step 2 - Login
    • Note: Your password is case sensitive, please make sure you type it in correctly.
  • Schedule a meeting

    After you've logged in you will be right on your account page. From there start to schedule your first Veeting.

    Getting Started - Step 3 - Schedule Meeting
    • Ensure that you check the "Send meeting invitation to my email address" check box so that you receive the meeting invitation by mail. You can then forward this to all your meeting participants.
  • Send meeting invitation to participants

    If you have checked the "Send meeting invitation to my email address" checkbox you will receive a meeting invitation. Now send the invitation email to all your meeting participants.

    Getting Started - Step 4 - Invite Participants
    • You can also copy the meeting link and send it by SMS or chat.
  • Join your meeting

    Click on your meeting link in the invitation email to join your meeting. Enter your name and optionally your email on the form that appears.

    Getting Started - Step 5 - Join Meeting
    • Your email address is only required in order to send you a meeting summary with all the documents after the meeting.