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Business Class Online Web Meeting Solution

Support and empower your employees with our online video meeting service. Your globally distributed workforce will be able to meet face to face and collaborate online saving you time and travel costs. We provide you with everything you need to hold effective web meetings from your browser whether from your desktop or on the go with your mobile device.

Veeting Rooms runs in your browser with no setup and no downloads to install and allows you to :

  • Easily schedule online web meetings and invite participants from a PC, Mac or Android phone or tablet
  • Keep track of all your meetings with the built in calendar
  • Hold audio and face to face video meetings
  • During your meetings use the built in tools to allow you to:
    • Easily schedule online meetings with the built in calendar
    • Upload and view slideshows
    • Keep meeting minutes
    • Engage with text chat during the meeting
    • Keep private notes
  • If you haven't tried out our full service for free please fill out the form and get instant access now (no credit card required).

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